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"Trusting relationships are at the heart of meaningful solutions for helping our at-risk kids. The research is crystal clear, yet few of us truly understand how to build the kinds of connections that can reach the thousands of students who are so disenfranchised from our schools today. Where can we begin? Even with hundreds of resources available, it's nearly impossible to search out the key ideas that will really make a difference in the lives of our struggling students. Fortunately for us, Connecting with Students has done this difficult task for us, offering teachers, parents, and community members alike a simple and easy-to-access online program that breaks this oh-so-important topic into digestible chunks that really make sense. If you're looking for answers, start here!"

~ Kathleen Palmer Cleveland, author of Teaching Boys Who Struggle in School (ASCD, 2011)

"I feel this course was very beneficial to me and the way I approach students. I printed off many ideas and findings to keep for future use and sharing with staff members. I think that using Connecting With Students is a great way to assist teachers in the very many questions we have. Each year provides you with new and various students with vast backgrounds, ethnicity, languages, educational levels, and socioeconomic backgrounds. This site gave many resources to help me continue with understanding Gifted and RTI students that will walk onto my classroom learning path."

- Lori Lewis, February 2012, CE Class

"I initially signed up for this course because it sounded informative, helpful and useful to what I do in my job. I never thought that I would be downloading so many materials to use with my students and to share with the staff I work with!"

- L. Pfister, Hillsboro S.D.


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Lesson 1
Who Is At–Risk?
Lesson 2
Get to Know Your Students
Lesson 3
Characteristics of Effective Relationships
Lesson 4
How to Build Relationships
Lesson 5
Cultural Competence Builds Relationships
Lesson 6
It Takes a Village
Lesson 7
Families and School – Creating Ties that Bind
Lesson 8
Peers – Another Type of Relationship
Lesson 9
Community Relationships – Thinking Outside the Building
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